Women Who Submit is now available to talk submission strategies at your next writing conference, class meeting, chapter event, or writing group meet up in the following areas:


Submission Party Consultants: Consultations include a brief introductory presentation, resources and handouts, a list of current open calls, and one-on-one consultations on cover letters, building calendars and submission trackers, and selecting journals.


Selfies: Physical and mental exercises in self-esteem and confidence to support submitting work to publishers

Freewriting: Authors describe their path toward writing that circumvented the MFA. (Residencies and community workshops are discussed. Participants develop their application responses.)

Suit-up!: Preparing everything you need to submit (Participants develop their cover letters, autobiographies, and manuscripts.)


Literary Submission Strategies: Women Who Submit: WWS members discuss the development of Women Who Submit and stratagems the group–as well as individuals within the group–have successfully employed to increase submission and acceptance numbers.

For bookings please email us at

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