Submission as Social Action
by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo
Lunch Ticket, June 2015

On the Women Who Submit name: “Recently, our Facebook page received a message from a woman who was recommended to our site by a friend. She wrote: ‘I have to say, I was thrown by the name of the group. I lived through the ’50s …Cool idea…scary name.’

This statement made me realize that Women Who Submit is in fact the perfect name for our organization, because at its core it is a social action that helps women break free of societal boundaries caused by centuries of female submission.”

by Kate Maruyama
Arts Collide, May 1, 2015

On WWS and VIDA: “[Women Who Submit] saw not only the disparity in numbers in publishing, as reported in the VIDA count but knew that there were women around them simply not submitting their work. The perfectionism spoken of in ‘The Confidence Gap” was at work. Women Who Submit represent only a few of the women doing wonderful work out there, encouraging and supporting women to get their voices heard.”

Submission Blitz: Finding Courage at a Writers Conference
by Melissa Chadburn
Poets & Writers, March/April 2015

On WWS Submission Parties: “When we come together we start with some snacks and drinks, and maybe a little chisme–but then we quickly get into setting our goals…A candle is lit, and for a couple of quiet hours we draft queries and hit ‘send.’ Each time one of us submits she announces it, and we all applaud.”

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