A round of applause goes out to all the WWS members who reaped the rewards of submitting. Here is a brief look at the work published and awards won this month.

From “Aqui” by Li Yun Alvarado published at Redux:

En esta vida falta          espacio
para tanto amar.

Chillidos, murmullos,
acero contra acero.


This life lacks         space
for so much love.

Screeches, whispers,
steel against steel.

From Tisha Reichle‘s “I Want to Be a Cowgirl,” published at Lunch Ticket:

We can’t move! Are you crazy?” I yell at my parents.

Mom raises one eyebrow, ready to lecture me about being disrespectful. Instead, she turns back to the chilaquiles in the frying pan. The crispy corn tortillas with eggs, queso fresco, and chile verde is my favorite breakfast. Usually, Mom doesn’t make them in August because that much cooking makes the whole trailer hot. This must be an exception to deliver the news.

From Laura Warrell‘s “The Pool” published in The Rumpus:

Your husband will not stop looking. The woman is stunning; you don’t blame him. But he’s crossing a line. Say, “How about San Francisco for our next trip?” Say, “Should we try tapas again for dinner tonight?” But do not say, “Please stop; you’re killing me.”

From Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo’s “Women Run These Streets: How These Runners Are Reclaiming Boyle Heights” published on KCET.org:

It’s 8pm on a Wednesday night at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights. The full moon hangs low over the buildings, and a sundry of runners have begun to gather. Boyle Heights Bridge Runners (BHBR) isn’t your typical elitist Los Angeles running group. Their Facebook page states they “welcome all levels of runners,” and a quick pan of the scene finds women and men of all ages, colors, and shapes filling the plaza. Newcomers are easy to spot with their feet shuffling at the edges of the square while core Bridge Runners encourage everyone to move in and come together.

“We’re about community here. We aren’t into clicks,” Lizette Perez, BHBR core member and group stretch leader, is proud to say.

Xochitl was also published this month in The Coiled Serpent anthology from Tia Chucha Press, the Political Punch anthology from Sundress Publications, and The Museum of All Things Awesome and that Go Boom anthology from Upper Rubber Boot.

Xochitl and Ashaki M. Jackson spread the word about WWS in “Who Are Women Who Submit? – With Managing Editor, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo and Co-founder, Ashaki Jackson” on Beyond Your Blog:

In this podcast, Women Who Submit Managing Editor, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo and Co-founder, Ashaki Jackson join me to share why the site was founded and what a submission party is (plus how you can start one in your area). We also talk about how bloggers can dip their toes in the lit mag submission waters and what’s next for Women Who Submit.

Xochitl, Ashaki and Cathy Linh Che were featured in a piece about BinderCon at F this Weekly. Listen.

Speaking of Ashaki M. Jackson, for ten weeks, Cultural Weekly will publish one poem per week from her chapbook Surveillance, forthcoming from WritLarge Press. In March, “The Speaker, Who is Black, Interjects the Black Conflict;” “The Public Is Generally Self-Taught and Uninformed;” “The Public Impresses Itself With Duplicity;” and “Standard American Similes With Interchangeable Blacks” were published.

From “The Public Impresses Itself With Duplicity:”

After the body falls   back
riddled with bullets
do not expect it to respond to demands

Lean into its irony—the dead Black body
asked to defend its death
and forgive

Look forward to an excerpt, “Inside Joke,” from Sandy Yang’s comedy novel coming from Eleven Eleven in August!

Congratulations to Lisbeth Coiman who was chosen as one of the writers, poets and artists who will be featured in the 2016 ITWOW International Anthology!

Siel Ju is headed to Red Wing, Minnesota this July after being accepted to the writer’s residency at the Anderson Center at Tower View!

Carla Sameth received an acceptance from Angels Flight Literary West for her piece, “Love in the Time of Foreclosures!”

Congratulations, women!



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